When you have your own SMSF, you are taking control of your journey towards retirement.


On top of this, the rules of the SMSF landscape are continuously changing and so naturally the need for expertise/support is growing.


Our background as SMSF specialists with the SMSF Association can help you with this need.

If you have a question - just let us know and we can work through it together.


Do you feel unsure about what your next SMSF invoice will look like? We can help you with a fixed price, ongoing engagement for your SMSF tax work.

Know what to expect upfront and with no hidden fees.

You can have monthly, quarterly or bi-annual engagements.


Once a year type service at the convenience of your current administration provider is simply not acceptable.

Choose when you want to be contacted for the ongoing administration and when you want to lodge your SMSF tax work.

We all have busy lives and time can get away from us very fast, on this basis we recommend keeping on top of things at least on a quarterly basis.

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