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Our Story

Like most public tax accountants, Luis' journey began in the business services industry over a decade ago. It was at this time he was first introduced to the SMSF industry and all the wonderful opportunities that can emerge from it.


Even though he is a Chartered Accountant, Luis believes his highest achievement is being accredited as a specialist by the SMSF Association - the peak independent, professional body representing Australia's SMSF sector.

With a unique blend of skills, Luis has been able to assist clients from all walks of life. At Refresh Super, we are committed to providing exceptional service and standing out from the crowd. Our core values drive us to deliver the best solutions for our clients. It could be the trustees/members of an SMSF in a direct relationship or the accountant/adviser needing an expert administration solution and technical support.

Luis acknowledges that to become an SMSF expert, you have to have an open mind to learning and that one cannot ever stop learning.

His experience and unique set of skills is something that he loves being able to share and really help those who need it. 


His passion and dedication to the SMSF industry is being noticed. In 2017 and again in 2019, he humbly received the SMSFAdviser (QLD) Editors Choice award!

Luis Cordero Headshot
SMSF&ACCOUNTING_Winner__Editor's Choice.
SMSF Summit 2019__Editor's Choice Award
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