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SMSF's are usually part of a bigger group of family accounts that you look after including the personal, business and/or the family trust.

SMSF's and their ongoing administration is just another area of expertise accountants are expected to be across.


Especially if you only have a few SMSF clients, they can often end up consuming a lot of your time because you want to make sure you’re doing it right. This can result in a large write off and dampen your profitability.

It can be tempting to give away the SMSF administration completely and you can potentially lose that source of revenue completely. But this doesn't have to be the case.

We can help you with keeping your client and also to generate guaranteed profit for all of them.


Be ahead of the game instead of lagging behind.


With the advent of TBAR reporting, SMSF administration needs to be more than a once-a-year type service. A minimum of at least quarterly administration will be required so to stay on top of the relevant events required to be reported to the ATO. Whilst late TBAR lodgements are currently not attracting late lodgement penalties, it will only be a matter of time before the ATO will switch from an education mandate over to the normal expectations of tax agents and trustees lodging on time.


Keeping your SMSF accounts for your clients up to date, this will create a deeper engagement with your client.


Let us help you with a fixed price, ongoing administration service that will be hosted on Class – the leading software for online SMSF administration. You can be the tax agent OR nominate that we become the tax agent. The choice is yours.

A fixed price engagement can also mean you can confidently approach/sustain your SMSF clients.

As experts in the SMSF industry, we can support you in this client facing role when you’re tackling a tricky SMSF issue.

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